Dr Hajdu Józsefné -
managing director, owner

Multicommerce   Ltd. is a family owned and family run  company estabilished in January 1991.

Since the very beginning we still have the same company name VAT number,and address .

Our company is a reliable supplier of row materials, semi-finished and finished products from safe and trustful sources for the food industry and animal food producers.

The directors and colleauges of the company have well based professional kowledge, several decades of experience, practice in foreign trade and wide range of internal and external relations .

Our team specialised in foreign trade and international finances handles businesses from the very beginnng to the very end and ensures their accurate and smooth realizing: negotiating the conditions, preparing the contracts, executing the deals, taking care of claims if any  

We import oil seeds, grains,and a great number of other row materials and export ready made Hungarian food products, like dry pastas, jam,tomato puree, edible oils. etc.

Our company’s philosophy is to develop good human and business relations with our partners.

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